Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Warm Welcome

Hello friends-
Welcome to Ask Sustenance. What a pleasure to have you as a participant and/or interested observer. This new undertaking is the result of many requests that have come to me through clients and trusted loved ones, and I am thrilled to engage in a new way of being of service to my fellows. What I am creating a clearing for here are all queries of an emotional and/or spiritual nature to which I may provide some guidance. Allow me to be clear that I am not touting myself as an expert or some wise sage- so much as a professional Life Coach with a certain amount of experience, strength and hope paired with the expertise to convey certain insights in a manner which I pray proves useful. It's a wide hoop, so don't be shy. Relationships, God, family of origin, boundaries, communication, resentment- it's all fair game. I would ask that the questions be signed in some manner (intitials, an alias, a chosen phrase, whatever- only that I may have something to respond to directly). I don't claim to have answers- quite frankly, I am far more interested in providing more questions. My hope is that we might create a community where the questions you choose to submit may help not just your singular situation, but the lives of many you have yet to meet. I have very little agenda into where we go from here. I know that I feel led. And I know that I would like to have you along for the ride.

God bless you,

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Contrafiction said...

Sometimes I feel as if I'm built for a society that went in a different direction than where we are today. I thought that our society would value deep thinking, civility, conscientiousness, and so forth. Instead it seems as if I live in a world where everything is ok as long as we get our daily fix of celebrity gossip, fast food, and gas guzzling vehicles. Then I become even more frustrated because I participate in the damage by pointing fingers at all the behaviors of others that I dont like and eventually I begin to feel selfish and arrogant because I realize that I'm off course from my mission.

I also wonder why the world is a freaking oyster for the people who have no remorse about taking advantage of others, and pulling the wool over the eyes of the masses.. ok in fairness their are a few that get caught.

I hate it. I can't put blinders on and suckle up to the pump. Yet, I think if I did I might actually get some of the things that I want, but isn't me thinking that making me part of the sickness? I feel like a walking contradiction.

On top of all this I feel like I just can't keep up with all the junk mail, and little shit things you have to do to make/keep a home together. Does this life always seem like an uphill climb? Is it suppose too?